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ralph lauren trainers Hardships that I got when dialed phone , listening to the sound of you are familiar with , but you can not hear you who I am . When I reported my name , I heard you panic and said: "You're wrong ." Then hurried to hang up the phone , I know that our story is you thoroughly dusty .

Man tracing sea, most know me that person is you . ralph lauren trainers If you do not have those ridiculous past, and now we will be the most sincere friend. But those who have experienced , even if I Gorges cloud , you have the experience of life difficult for water . Painful bite of my heart, I can only sit alone in the hills at dusk to remember those in the past . I could not bear to lose the reality , but also to retain live years arrangements. Friends , if you are , how to face inner pain call ......

Perhaps you do not know , do not ralph lauren trainers have these tangled emotions, but inwardly that voice tells me , you know I do not regret it.

Maybe we at that young age , should not know each other, if you do not know each other , they did the later story , the inner voice that tells me , and you know each other is the greatest honor of my life .

Climbing the window after the tiger , in front of magnolia can as evidence , where our laughter . Together we listened to the song Shuimunianhua grow with us enjoying the Lu Xun sharp text. I can not open the window in a room full of your breath ralph lauren trainers , not easily clean the room , because only if you breath in before I can sleep soundly .

In the day you leave , I traveled alone, we have taken the hill , even at night, I will pass through the city , you have to read on to the cottage window looking down lights that have changed ......

These are now my good memories for you, but you do not want to become a hit heartache. I know that those derived in friendship emotion, for me , is your attachment , and you are at a loss , but could not bear to hurt . Your kindness seems to me at the time of your acceptance . Perhaps because of this , you have a sense of it without fire . So, now you have my escape, my subjective forgotten ...... I do not blame you, you do not have too blame, because then we are too young. Young can not tell friendship and love .

Today, we are entering middle age ralph lauren trainers , we have a social responsibility from the family . Maybe we occasionally have the urge , you can also send peace love beyond ceremony. Whether you are willing to open the knot for me to open a heart ?

Please forgive me for resorting to words, to trace it so I can not forget the past ......